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A digital marketing agency for new entrepreneurs.

We turn dreamers into doers.

Our Story

“People Over Profit”

In a world where 85% of people hate their jobs, we believe that the solution is increased entrepreneurship and empowering individuals to take charge of their own lives. Our mission is to make it so that anyone who wants to work for themselves, can. 


We are committed to transparently leveling the playing field and leading the way into a future where hard-working, good-doing individuals call their own shots, set their own schedules, and earn the money they need to live a fulfilled life of their choosing. 


We are real people who value working with real people. No expectations. We’re here to help. 

Meet Our Team


Justin Borge

Chief Non-Conformist

Used to work in a restaurant, now spends all of his time reading about how to hack the system, then repeating what he learns to anyone who will listen. 


Lyra Juinio

Designer Extraordinaire

The practical one in the company. Very talented web designer who makes all of our websites look beautiful. If you like the way things look, it’s because of her. Tell her thank you.  


Robin Leinonen

Director of Advertising

They run the website rookwork.com, and know way more about advertising than anyone. Whenever anyone has a question about ads, we point them in Robin’s direction. 



Lead Treat Inspector

Keeps everyone in good spirits. Does dog stuff. Very good boy.

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