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Affiliate Program

Help with Your Hustle

Affiliate Program

Last updated 05/27/2020


Thank you for your interest in becoming a participating affiliate for Help With Your Hustle.


We are committed to “helping people build a life they’re interested in.”


If this is a mission statement that resonates with you, and one that could motivate you to show up for the benefit of others, we would love your help. 



The Affiliate Program aims to accomplish three things:


1. Financially support our community members, and thank them for their loyalty and friendship to Help With Your Hustle.


2. Advertise Help With Your Hustle as a solution for  those seeking websites for sale.


3. Increase awareness of our mission to help people work for themselves and build a life they’re interested in.


The way it works is simple: you recommend somebody who spends money with us, we’ll give you 20% of what they spend.


No matter how much they spend, no matter what on, if they mention your name, we’ll reimburse you 20%. 



The fine print:


1. The purchaser must mention your name in writing (via email or by filling out a contact form).


2. Purchaser must mention your name and before services are rendered. 


3. If payment due is over $500, we will require you to fill out a W-9 IRS tax form prior to releasing your owed funds. If this is not submitted within 90 days of purchase date, you may forfeit your right to reimbursement.  


For example, if somebody reaches out to us and says, “I’d like to hire you to build my website. I want the $3,500 package, and I was referred to you by my friend X.” 


Once we collect and process the client’s $3,500, and completed our contract with them, we would send you a W-9 form. Once we receive it, we would send you $700 as a thank you for telling your friend about us.


Simple as that. 


If you have any questions or are interested in participating in our Affiliate Program, please fill out a contact form, and in the “regarding” drop down box, select “Affiliate Program”.


Our community thrives because of members like you. We’ll be thrilled to hear that you had mentioned us. Thank you. We look forward to working with you. 

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