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Crystal healing is an aspect within the realm of alternative healing that is greatly misunderstood.   This leads to a lot of confusion, not only about crystal healing itself but the practice of alternative healing (including nutritional therapy). This rough guide aims to answer some of the most common questions non-practitioners often ask

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How to Make Online Learning More Engaging   The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has been felt around the world.  Most of us are lucky because we’ve never seen or lived through anything like this before in our lifetime.    Unfortunately, that is where the luck stops.     In not experiencing an event

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quantum touch therapy

Quantum Touch and What It Is Good For

Quantum Touch is an ancient form of balancing and revitalizing the body. It falls under the homeopathic umbrella of healing not unlike crystal healing, nutritional therapy, or Raindrop Therapy  

Why Work Sucks: Stop Fixing Everything Yourself. 

Work sucks because you and your team have all these problems that you don’t know how to fix, and you keep trying to fix them, while nothing seems to change.    You need to stop it! I know that doesn’t make much sense right now, but it will in a bit.    What if I

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Standardizing is Thriving

Standardization:   In the words of my favorite Golden Girl Sophia Petrillo, “Picture it! . . .” but instead of picturing Sicily in 1906, I want you to picture a different scenario:   Picture owning a munitions plant, or a machinery factory, or a shipping office.   Picture owning one during the times of a

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ASAP Small Venue Cleaning Project Floyd, Chido Nmereole Project Floyd was created at a time when the community took a front seat to witness a  historic display of the amalgamation of pain, injustice and the feeling—and reality—of prejudice and oppression experienced by the marginalized African-American populace. The timing, combined with the slightest bit of overconfidence


The Steel Grape A modern take on wine storage. This architect’s side hustle? He invented a beautiful steel wall mounted wine rack. We consulted with him to design a logo that he loves, and is using to market and sell his product to wine lovers, vineyards, and restaurants.  Final Logo Logo Studies Previous Next Logo Design


Haller at Me Fitness A personal trainer wanting to create community Mike Haller, personal trainer based out of Portland, Oregon, is a buff, pierced, tattooed badass. (He’s also a really nice guy, don’t tell him we said that). Sensing a need for the tattooed Portland community to find a trainer who understood them, he is

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