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Share What You Know

Write 10 articles.
Earn a free website.

Write 10 articles of at least 1,000 words. We’ll trade you a $3,500 custom website. 

Here’s how it works:


1. Choose a Topic

What do you know a lot about, enjoy discussing, and could teach someone about? No matter the subject, we can help you make a name for yourself in that space. 


2. Write 10 Articles

Share what you know to people who want to learn it.  


Learn how. Read The 7 Simple Rules Content Creators Live By.


3. Earn a Free Website!​

Once you’ve submitted your ten articles, we will build you a beautiful custom website, and work with you on design, target audience, branding, and what you need it to say. 


Each site will include an instruction manual on how to maintain and make changes to it afterward. 

*IMPORTANT: You will be required to purchase approximately $100-$125 in annual web hosting 


4. Join the Community​

Your articles will receive their own private page on Help With Your Hustle that will clearly state, “This is the expert who wrote this. If you want to learn more of what they have to say, go visit them at their new website. They are open for business and actively wanting to be contacted.”


See an example page here.

Earn a free website. Start the process today.

Only click once. Email will arrive within 3-5 minutes. 

Frequently Asked Questions

You don’t need to be! On top of providing an easy-to-follow format, we will ask you to sign a contract saying that we reserve permission to edit your words (within reason), and give you the credit for the information.


Simply put, just do your best and we’ll make sense of it. 

How is it performing? Is it making you money? Are you getting lots of contacts from it?

If not, consider us to create you a new one. We will suggest ways you can improve your site’s performance, which may lead to us offering a rebuild, or providing suggestions on ways for you to improve your online presence.


Even if you have a website you’re happy with, there are plenty of advantages to writing on Help With Your Hustle. 


  1. Advertising your services, position yourself as an expert, and showcase your knowledge to a highly motivated entrepreneurial community.
  2. TEN Free Backlinks – these are notoriously difficult to come by, yet backlinks are how Google decides who to rank on the first page. Consider this an invitation to be a guest blogger advertising on your own behalf. 
  3. We’ll help you grow your email list! Anybody who signs up for your email list on our page, we’ll give you their email addresses. (they’ve pre-agreed and it’s in our terms of service). 

Yes! In fact, we recommend it! The only stipulation is that we’ll install a line of code called a “canonical url” on your posts, which tells Google that the original post came from HWYH, preventing duplicate content penalties. These will only be active on the posts featured on HWYH, and all future posts you write will be fully accredited to your site. 

After your onboarding consultation, you will have 90 days to submit your 10th and final article. 


All articles submitted will be considered property of HWYH, regardless if you submit the 10 articles within the 90 day window. 

Once you’ve submitted your ten articles and completed our Design Questionnaire (provided after submitting article #8), you can expect a rough draft of your web design within 2-3 business days.


You will then be entitled to one round of as many changes as necessary within 5 business days.


**If no feedback is received, we will complete the buildout using the rough draft design, and you will forfeit your opportunity for us to make changes. It is the user’s responsibility to let us know if they haven’t received the rough draft email. (Be sure to check your spam)


The live site will be completed within 2 weeks once we begin building. 

You will receive a detailed video instruction manual on how to keep your site running optimally, and make necessary changes on your own. 


If you’d like us to keep your site updated, make prompt changes, and ensure it runs smoothly, you can hire us on a $200 monthly retainer. 


**Retainer offer only valid within 30 days of handoff. 

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