Expansive Wellness

A website for a healer

Nutritional therapist and healer, Johanna Aguirre, was looking for a new website that would embody her philosophy and practice.

Relaxing, informative, & actionable

It was important to Johanna that the imagery that we used throughout the site conveyed a feeling of tranquility, warmth and balance. We made sure to choose imagery that not only reflected those feelings, but complemented her brand color palette as well. 

She wanted to make sales via her website, so we put extra focus on guiding the user experience to lead them to click through to find her offers, and ultimately, make a purchase.


Here's what Johanna had to say:

“I earned a Free website with Help With Your Hustle. Let me start by saying that this is a legit, organized and professional business. At first I was a bit skeptical, I have to admit, but as time progressed I was glad I followed my good instinct and worked hard to get my free website. Justin was very professional and quick to respond to my emails from the very start, that really made me feel better about this not being a scam.

I was concerned about all this writing, but I had more time than money, so I knew I had to put in the work for this. Justin was really nice at making me feel at peace about the writing experience. He provided guided outlines that really streamlined the process and made it less stressful. Working with Lyra was also a great privilege! Lyra handled all the graphic design and created a beautiful logo for my business.

Both of them were amazing with quick back and forth communication and their work is very high quality. I would definitely recommend them for your website and I’m really grateful for all the work I did and everything they have provided in return.

Feel free to check out this amazing website they created for me: www.expansivewellness.com”

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