ASAP Small Venue Cleaning

Project Floyd

Project Floyd was created at a time when the community took a front seat to witness a  historic display of the amalgamation of pain, injustice and the feeling—and reality—of prejudice and oppression experienced by the marginalized African-American populace.

The timing, combined with the slightest bit of overconfidence and a house broom 

transformed a simple act of kindness into an inspirational movement that is kept alive by the support of people who answer to the beckoning of making a communal impact 

“I knew that I had to make an impact when I decided to forgo rest for a chance to show what can be accomplished when you choose action over joining the preponderance of people thinking about whether to post about now or later.

Opportunity moves like wind, but luckily the wind was at my back as It took me from city streets, to city protests, and most recently: to different cities. All in the name of cleaning after demonstrators after protests.”

From Chido Nmereole Founder:

“Originally, (Project Floyd) was intended to be concluded when history has decided it has had it’s day.

I realized that history will continue so long as there is someone who that moment of history can be survived by. If that is so, then the impacts of project Floyd shall only continue

History and movements are intertwined in a slow and circular dance that displays the process in which the actions of people beget the inevitable creation of a unprecedented moment that will likely be perpetuated, with the likelihood of it being strikingly similar to its predecessor. Project Floyd will be similarly intertwined in such a fashion: people impacting their community in a way that will also perpetuate through the circle-shaped chasm that is history.”

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